Grace Outreach

By God’s Grace and His unconditional and unchanging love that was perfected through the work of Jesus Christ we have received our salvation and the great commission.


Poverty Relief

Compelled by the model of Jesus’s life we are to live with compassion to extend compassion to the broken and the marginalized.  We help with food, medicine and other hygiene essentials to refugees and persecuted groups in various countries of North Africa and the Middle East. A small donation from you could mean a lot to somebody who is in need. 50 Dollars can feed a family with essentials for almost 1 month in some areas.


Sharing the love of God and Jesus as saviour with the broken-hearted and oppressed. We share to bring hope where sin has brought darkness. We distribute bibles, Christian music and hold bible-based teaching events and activates for adults and children of unreached groups of Canada the Middle East and North Africa.



The ultimate goal of Jesus’s ministry and our ministry is to make disciples among the nations and teach them how to obey the Word of God and to live in holiness. Church planting movement is what we aim for. We desire to see disciples make disciples and churches plant churches among unreached groups.


Sending & Supporting

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We function as a network of disciples across North America, North Africa and the Middle East. We are multi-cultural, multi-language and multi-denomination network. We are united around one purpose, to see His Kingdom come and will be done. Our teams are from different countries across the globe work together in harmony and excellency to plant churches. We send and support mission workers to make disciples among the nations.

Where we GO